Chris Sinatra Collection


Chris Sinatra Collection


Sinatra, Chris
Stamford (Conn.)
Oral histories


Collection of items provide by Chris Sinatra during his Tell Your Story interview.


The Ferguson Library




Skornia, Frank J., interviewer


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Stamford (Conn.)
Twentieth century

Collection Items

Father of Chris Sinatra at a New Year's Eve Party
A photo of Chris Sinatra's father. According to him, this was likely at a New Year's Eve party.

Mother of Chris Sinatra in the backyard
Chris Sinatra's mother standing in the backyard in the summer or spring.

Chris Sinatra with his boyhood friends at Christmas
Chris Sinatra (middle) standing with two of his boyhood friends next to a Christmas tree. He is wearing a toy drum around his neck. He mentions that his friends would always race to his house on Christmas morning to see what he got.

Sinatra family station wagon
A photo of the station wagon that Chris Sinatra's parents had when he was a child. He mentions that everyone at that time had a station wagon like this.

Chris Sinatra's two Siberian huskies - Morgan & Mac
Chris Sinatra's two Siberian huskies, Morgan and Mac, sitting on a couch during the summer of 1978. He mentions that they preferred to spend time outside and were rarely in the house.

Grandparents of Chris Sinatra at Christmas in 1977
Chris Sinatra's grandparents sitting on a couch with laps full of Christmas gifts in 1977.

Chris Sinatra in his Little League baseball uniform
Chris Sinatra standing on the sidewalk on Crane Road in Stamford, Connecticut in his Pitney-Bowes-sponsored Little League Baseball uniform when he was 11 years old.

Chris Sinatra with a book at Christmas in 1978
Chris Sinatra sitting on a couch with a book at Christmas in 1978.

Chris Sinatra's Uncle Bob in 1978
Photograph of Chris Sinatra's Uncle Bob reading a book in the sun room or plant room at his home.

Chris Sinatra with toy building blocks at Christmas
Photograph of Chris Sinatra playing with LEGO toy blocks at Christmas in 1976.
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