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A photo of Chris Sinatra's father. According to him, this was likely at a New Year's Eve party.

Chris Sinatra's mother standing in the backyard in the summer or spring.

Chris Sinatra (middle) standing with two of his boyhood friends next to a Christmas tree. He is wearing a toy drum around his neck. He mentions that his friends would always race to his house on Christmas morning to see what he got.

A photo of the station wagon that Chris Sinatra's parents had when he was a child. He mentions that everyone at that time had a station wagon like this.

Chris Sinatra's two Siberian huskies, Morgan and Mac, sitting on a couch during the summer of 1978. He mentions that they preferred to spend time outside and were rarely in the house.

Chris Sinatra's grandparents sitting on a couch with laps full of Christmas gifts in 1977.

Chris Sinatra standing on the sidewalk on Crane Road in Stamford, Connecticut in his Pitney-Bowes-sponsored Little League Baseball uniform when he was 11 years old.

Chris Sinatra sitting on a couch with a book at Christmas in 1978.

Photograph of Chris Sinatra's Uncle Bob reading a book in the sun room or plant room at his home.

Photograph of Chris Sinatra playing with LEGO toy blocks at Christmas in 1976.
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