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Adult Education Center - Courses.pdf
Schedule of courses for the 1946 to 1947 year

Study Opportunites for Adults - Stamford Public Schools.pdf
Program of courses from 1939-1940

Typed account written by Ana Maria Badash for the Tell Your Story project at The Ferguson Library in Stamford, Connecticut. This was the document Ms. Badash read from during her interview session.

Ms. Badash talks about her family and herself in…

Baptist Sunday School

Lula Ann Blackson with a Catholic priest at her initiation ceremony.

Lula Ann Blackson sitting outside a Catholic church, likely in Bridgeport, Connecticut following her initiation ceremony.

Lula Ann Blackson sitting with her niece and a friend after her initiation ceremony as a Catholic.

A sense-of-the-Board resolution calling for a vanity street sign to be installed on Bank Street to be named Galdino Velasco Way to recognize Galdino Velasco's contributions to the Latino community in Stamford.

Handbook presented to students at Burdick Junior High School in 1942. The handbook contains a history of the high school, descriptions of school traditions, and a listing of important personnel.
Catalogue of the Load Exhibition Held at the Burlington Arcade
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