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East Side of Atlantic Square, Stamford, Conn. Reproduced from booklet "Stamford and Greenwich and Their Points of Interest

Augusta Building on Atlantic Street, site of present Thruway (in 1932)
Atlantic Square. Town Hall
Bedford Street, Stamford, Conn, Westside, opposite Congregational Church's present site. Reproduced from: Stamford and Greenwich and Their Points of Interest. Mercantile Illustrating Co: New York, 1894. RL 917.469 S783G Mr. Charles Kurz, Feb…

A view of the Exhibition Room looking into Reference Room on the second floor of the Ferguson Library. Photograph taken between 1918 and 1920.

Picturesque Stamford p.131 Town Hall, south view, erected in 1871 negative at shop

Group photograph of Italians in Stamford, circa 1900 on Pacific Street. 3rd from left, seated. Gennaro Passaro
A photograph of Edward F. Scofield and his family at outside their home "Willow Cottage", located on 283 Scofield Town Road.

Stamford Depot

Woodside Park
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