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Built 1853-4. Sketch. Picturesque Stamford. p.172. Additional description on back: negative at shop

Description on back of picture: Sherwood- The Story of Stamford

1858-1860 Landownership

Photograph of Old Town Hall located on River Street at Atlantic Square. The structure was destroyed in 1904. Photo taken before 1870

Photograph of the Presbyterian Church, built 1853-54. Taken from Gillespie's "Picturesque Stamford." pg. 172
Photograph of Stamford's original Town Hall, taken pre 1904-1905. Photo in Gillespie's "Picturesque Stamford," pg. 131.

Photograph of Stamford's primary railroad station in 1895. Photo taken from Gillespie's "Picturesque Stamford."
Photographs and article from Harper's Weekly, 17 March 1866. Bottom row pictures (left to right): "Fitch's Home-School Room"
Description on back of photo: "This house was purchased by The Ferguson Library in the summer of 1889 and fitted for permanent use. The library moved from here to its new building, corner of Broad and Bedford Streets, September 1911. Date of picture…
Davenport's home located on Main and New Summer Streets. Photo in Gillespie's "Picturesque Stamford," pg. 96. Description on back of photo: " The home of Abraham Davenport as it looked in the nineties (1890s) when it stood on the east side of New…
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