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A view of Stamford's Town Hall, before the 1904 fire, located on Atlantic Street

A view of the Reference Room at the Ferguson Library, located on the second floor.
Facing south towards St John's Roman Catholic Church

Description on back of picture: The building, no. 61 River Street, was used as a Baptist Church before the present brick building was erected. Picture taken in 1914.
Description on back of photo: "Picture of barkentine from Norway in harbor outside Stamford Manufacturing Co., Stamford, Conn.,- about 1903/1904."

Description on back of picture: The grave of Abraham Davenport (the table monument on the right). in the Northfield Cemetery on North St.
Picturesque Stamford p.150. Description on back of picture: St. John's Parish - the first church, built in 1742
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