Victims of Covid


Victims of Covid


My parents still in the Bronx, NY where I was raised were the first to be infected with Covid. My mother was one of the the first 200 people to die from it. She never made it to the hospital. One ambulance took her to the morgue as the other took my father to the emergency room. They were both in their 80's healthy and vibrant. They loved to travel the world.
At their regular Friday card game, a woman who was infected and didn't know it, infected the whole table of people playing with her that day. My parents thinking they had the flu quarantined until they were notified of their Covid positive test outcome. When I heard the news I was devastated. The only time I saw them was to bring food and leave it at their door, my dad peeking thru the crack in the door. My mother was sicker than my father and he was trying to take care of her as weak as he was. They were told to stay home until they couldn't breath, then go to emergency.
Covid doesn't affect everyone the same way. Staying home killed my mother as her GI track was victim to the virus which caused dehydration and she suffered a heart attack. Breathing wasn't a problem at that point of her illness. After watching EMS try to revive my mother, my father was taken to emergency, admitted to the hospital where he stayed for the next 3 weeks fighting for his life until my sister and I had to make a decision that no daughter wants to make. The treatment they gave him we now know is useless for this virus. As angry as I want to be I can't even be mad, who can you be mad at? It would be a waste of energy.
I didn't get to see my mom before she passed. I spoke with my dad until he was put on a respirator, then saw him once before his death via iPhone thanks to the doctor who was nice enough to suit up and go into his room, that's when I told my unresponsive dad that it was ok to go....go be with mom. We will be ok....
So what is the worst part of all of closure...couldn't see them when they were in the hospital, their bodies were picked up and cremated and we don't know when we will be able to have a service for them. No closure. No love ones to gather to console each other, no hugs. And now I go to their apartment and I sift through a lifetime of stuff....stuff you can't donate to the less fortunate, because due to the virus no one is taking donations. What a shame, it's killing me to throw away perfectly good things that could go to help others. Covid is effecting everything that we take for granted. Thank God for the great memories, in the end that's all you really have left. Life has to go on now without my parents one day at a time.





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