Quarantine Stories


Quarantine Stories


Stamford (Conn.)
oral histories


A crowdsourced collection of stories about how people responded during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Ferguson Library


The Ferguson Library






Stamford (Conn.)
21st century

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A quarantine poem
A poem about my experience in quarantine.

At the corner of Bedford & Broad
The library doors are closed. static and still. Inside lay dormant displays. Chairs pushed in. Once you heard pages rustling, tapping of keys, clicks of the mouse, the rush of footsteps up the grand staircase, a hypnotic cacophony of voices…

“Creepy, Eerie Ms. Seitter's Room 116 with a Science Lesson Tale”
It's about what I felt when I returned to my empty, classroom on Friday, April 24 to pick up some belongings & realized how much I missed seeing my students in person.

Nami Enid
The best part of this horrific pandemic is our grand-daughter, Nami Enid Khan, age 2 ½. When her day care closed down in March, her mother had to decide how she would continue to do her job as a nurse tending to people with end stage renal disease.…

Quarantine baby
In mid March we travelled to Alaska for the birth of our daughter Hannah’s firstborn. Arriving the day before his due date we enjoyed a few days waiting while things were getting more and more hairy in the Lower 48 with Covid-19. And in fact most…

My parents still in the Bronx, NY where I was raised were the first to be infected with Covid. My mother was one of the the first 200 people to die from it. She never made it to the hospital. One ambulance took her to the morgue as the other took my…

Empty Streets
April was National Poetry Month. As a distraction from Covid-19 I challenged my children to write a poem to discuss at month's end. This is my poem

During this Quarantine Nothing Bad has happened to me or my family, However I do recognize the families and people that have passed away during this time. So Far Quarantine has been kind of fun. I have played basketball and baseball with my brothers.…

My day-to-day
what I do every day.
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