Miriam Isidro Arrango Collection


Miriam Isidro Arrango Collection


Arrango, Miriam Isidro
Stamford (Conn.)
Oral histories


Collection of items provided by Miriam Isidro Arrango during her Tell Your Story interview.


The Ferguson Library




Skornia, Frank J., interviewer


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Stamford (Conn.)
Twentieth century

Collection Items

Miriam Isidro Arrango in her second grade class photo
Photograph of the second grade class at the Centro Escolar de la Asociacion de Dependientes del Comercio de la Habana in Havana, Cuba in 1960. According to information recorded on the reverse side, Miriam Isidro Arrango is likely in the second row…

Miriam Isidro Arrango in kindergarten
Photograph of Miriam Isidro Arrange standing in her school uniform and holding her school bag before attending kindergarten in Cuba on January 23, 1958.

Miriam Isidro Arrango at five years old
Miriam Isidro Arrango as a little girl when she was five years old

Miriam Isidro Arrango at her Confirmation
Miriam Isidro Arrango in a white dress and holding flowers at her Catholic Confirmation ceremony.

Miriam Isidro Arrango with her sisters
Posed portrait with Miriam Isidro Arrango (right) and her sisters.

The first car bought in the United States by Miriam Isidro Arrango's family
This blue Ford automobile was the first car bought by Miriam Isidro Arrango's family after they immigrated to the United States from Cuba.

Miriam Isidro Arrango with her parents, Ramón and Herminia Isidro
Miriam Isidro Arrango (center) standing with her father, Ramón (right), and mother, Herminia (left) in Stamford, Connecticut in April 1962.

Portrait of Herminia Isidro, mother of Miriam Isidro Arrango
Black and white photographic portrait of Miriam Isidro Arrango's mother, Herminia Isidro.

Portrait of Ramón Isidro, father of Miriam Isidro Arrango
Portrait postcard showing Miriam Isidro Arrango's father, Ramón Isidro in a formal uniform.

Miriam Arrango as a girl wearing her school uniform
Miriam Arrango standing near some vases of flowers wearing her school uniform from St Mary's Catholic School in Stamford, Connecticut.
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