Galdino Velasco Collection


Galdino Velasco Collection


Velasco, Galdino
Stamford (Conn.)
Oral histories


Collection of items provided by Galdino Velasco during his Tell Your Story interview.


The Ferguson Library




Skornia, Frank J., interviewer


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Stamford (Conn.)
Twentieth century

Collection Items

Galdino Velasco with his family at Tacos Guadalajara
Galdino Velaso with his family at his restaurant, Tacos Guadalajara in Stamford, Connecticut.

Galdino Velasco dancing with Juana Velasco
Galdino Velasco dancing with his wife, at a Bonito Karaoke event at Tacos Guadalajara in Stamford, Connecticut.

Portrait of Galdino and Juana Velasco
Portrait of Galdino Velasco with his wife, Juana Velasco.

Galdino Velasco with two other men at Galdino Velasco Way
Galdino Velasco with two other men holding sombreros and pointing at the street sign for Galdino Velasco Way on Bank Street in Stamford, Connecticut

Latino Foundation of Stamford, CT. The 11th Annual Generation of Pioneers Awards Banquet
Photo of award recipients at the Latino Foundation of Stamford's 11th Annual Generation of Pioneers Awards Banquet.
From left to right:
Jenny Reynoso, Eduardo Balbuena, Alda Rojas, Sergio Ramos, Emily Rojas, Senator Richard Blumenthal, Lupe Ramos,…

Sense-of-the-Board Resolution Creating a Vanity Sign for Bank Street to be Called Galdino Velasco Way
A sense-of-the-Board resolution calling for a vanity street sign to be installed on Bank Street to be named Galdino Velasco Way to recognize Galdino Velasco's contributions to the Latino community in Stamford.

Puerto Rican Association in Stamford in 1957
The Puerto Rican Association of Stamford, Connecticut meeting at the Stark School in 1957

Galdino Velasco with the 2015 Land of Opportunity Award
Galdino Velasco with the 2015 Land of Opportunity Award. The Land of Opportunity Award recognizes a local resident who immigrated to the greater Stamford area and whose accomplishments embody the realization of the American Dream, through their own…

Recording of interview with Galdino Velasco at the Atlantic Apartments on Bank Street in Stamford, Connecticut. He talks about immigrating to the United States from Mexico and the various jobs that he worked in Stamford before opening his restaurant,…
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