The Carl Lobozza Collection


The Carl Lobozza Collection


Stamford (Conn.)


Historical photos of Stamford, Connecticut originally published by the photographer Carl Lobozza.


Lobozza, Carl


The Ferguson Library



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Flooding near South End
Hurricane Carol. September 1, 1954

Methodist Church
Shown here in 1922 as a restaurant.

Town Hall (1904 pre-fire)
A view of Stamford's Town Hall, before the 1904 fire, located on Atlantic Street

Ferguson Library Reference Room
A view of the Reference Room at the Ferguson Library, located on the second floor.

Shippan Point Hotel
July 10, 1954 Given to the Ferguson Library by Mr. Bailey

Graves and Strang Coal Company
Quick Delivery - Careful Service

The union House 1870
One of Stamford's early hotels, the Union House, was built by Thomas P. Dixon, architect and master builder, in 1844. Subsequently known as the Grand Union Hotel and The Carlton House, it stood on the north side of Main Street opposite Stage Street.

Train Wreck 59
New York - New Haven Railroad

The Town Hall after the Blizzard of 1888
The bright weather of Sunday morning March 11, 1888 soon turned to overcast with a light snow beginning at noon. At ten pm the heavy snowfall since known as the "Blizzard Of '88" began and continued all through the following Monday. The heavy blanket…
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