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Ferguson Library Genealogy - Manuscripts & Data Sheets


Stamford (Conn.) -- genealogy
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Collection of genealogical manuscripts stored in the Ferguson Library's local history collection in Stamford, Connecticut.


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Andrews Family Notes and Narrative
Handwritten and typewritten notes about the Andrews family that lived in Connecticut and Massachusetts from the 17th century to the 19th century. There is a typewritten narrative of Samuel Andrews and Priscilla Herring by their grandchild. There is…

Ambler Family Notes
Collection of typewritten and handwritten notes researching the Ambler family that lived in Connecticut and Watertown, Massachusetts in the 17th and 18th centuries. There is a letter from Ralph David Phillips that acknowledges paying his late dues to…

Allen Family Notes
Typewritten pages containing fragments of notes transcribed from an Allen family bible that records deaths, births, and marriages in the mid-19th century. The document also contains the genealogy chart of the Allen family from 1781 to the late 1800s.

"Your Ancestors": Alexander Family
Typewritten accounts of the descendants of Robert Alexander that lived primarily in upstate New York and parts of Connecticut from the 1740s to the twentieth century.

Origin and History of the Albin Family in Connecticut, U.S.A.
Typewritten narrative of the Albin family that lived in Stamford during the Revolutionary War. There is a little information about some traced descendants into the middle of the 19th century and a handwritten family lineage. Preceding the narrative…

Henry Akerly family history
Datasheets with cited references about Henry Akerly who lived in the Stamford area in the 1640s. Document contains handwritten research notes and a page of typed notes.
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