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Miriam Arrango in a car with her family in Kingston, Jamaica where they stopped on their way while leaving Cuba.

Miriam Arrango standing with her family outside of a Catholic church in Stamford, Connecticut.

Miriam Arrango (front-left) standing with her sister, mother and three nuns outside St. Mary's School in Stamford, Connecticut.

Miriam Arrango sitting on a pile of snow with her father. She remarks in her Tell Your Story interview how shocking the cold in Stamford was after living in Havana, Cuba. She mentions her first experience of snowfall.

Miriam Arrango (center) with her father and mother, Ramón and Herminia Isidro, leaning on the first car they bought in the United States.

Miriam Arrango (rear-right) standing with other children at a set dinner table for a holiday.

Miriam Isidro Arrango as a child standing on a staircase with her father and mother, Ramón and Herminia Isidro.

Miriam Isidro Arrango's father, Ramón Isidro, washing dishes as a side job to support his family.

Recording of interview with Miriam Isidro Arrango at the Ferguson Library in Stamford, Connecticut. She talks about her family coming to Stamford from Havana, Cuba in the 1960s. She talks about her experience emigrating to the Stamford from Cuba and…

Marble and brass plaque commemorating the opening the Stamford Government Center on April 22, 1987. The plaque has a representation of the building diecast in brass mounted on a square of white marble.
The text reads:
Stamford Government…
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