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Introduction booklet given to visitors on the US Navy destroyer USS Peterson. The booklet provides information about the ship, its commanding officers, and personal safety guidelines for visitors. Several black and white photographs of the ship are…

Booklet published by The Fidelity Trust Company of Stamford containing reproductions of murals painted at their office on Atlantic Street by the artist Stanley J. Rowland. The Fidelity Trust Company commissioned the murals in 1949. They were…

Promotional brochure about Stamford Downtown produced by the city government. and the Stamford Downtown Special Services District.
The brochure talks about the highlights of the downtown area, as well as the educational and entrepreneurial…

Metal pin with the seal of the city of Stamford printed on it in blue.

Ceramic mug from the US Navy Destroyer escort ship, USS Peterson, from when the ship sailed to Stamford Harbor to celebrate Purple Heart Award day in 1983.

Letter from Louis A. Clapes, then Mayor of Stamford, to Ernest DiMattia, then Director of the Ferguson Library thanking Mr. DiMattia for chairing the Bicentennial Purple Heart Committee. His work included inviting the US Navy Destroyer Escort USS…

Painted and glazed ceramic mug that commemorates the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Friends of The Ferguson Library.
Depiction of a book cover on one side with text says Friends Est. 1979
Moving counter clockwise there is a depiction of 3…

A custom designed version of the board game Monopoly with spaces named for Stamford streets, locations, and businesses.

Folder containing materials from the launch of the Ferguson Library's Library-School initiative and launch of the library's "purple bus". The initiative transported students from Stamford schools on the library's bus to the main library branch for a…

Program from the Ferguson LIbrary's centennial celebration on November 19, 1981. The brochure gives a timeline of notable events in the library's history, and lists all the Presidents of the Board of Trustees and Directors of the Ferguson Library.…
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