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Sticker depicting Fergie the book worm, a mascot of the Ferguson Library in Stamford, Connecticut.

Postcard with a colored illustration of the Ferguson Library in Stamford, Connecticut. The view is from the opposite side of Broad Street.

Director Ernest A. DiMattia Jr. poses with an early computer at the Ferguson LIbrary

Ferguson Library sponsored balloon in the Stamford Thanksgiving parade on Atlantic Street

Promotional brochure about Stamford Downtown produced by the city government. and the Stamford Downtown Special Services District.
The brochure talks about the highlights of the downtown area, as well as the educational and entrepreneurial…

Painted and glazed ceramic mug that commemorates the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Friends of The Ferguson Library.
Depiction of a book cover on one side with text says Friends Est. 1979
Moving counter clockwise there is a depiction of 3…

Program from the Ferguson LIbrary's centennial celebration on November 19, 1981. The brochure gives a timeline of notable events in the library's history, and lists all the Presidents of the Board of Trustees and Directors of the Ferguson Library.…

Promotional real estate booklet from the Donnelly Agency, Inc. that provides information to potential home buyers and sellers. The booklet features a photograph of the Ferguson Library on the cover, as well as in a two=page spread on pages 8 and 9.…
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