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Folder containing materials from the launch of the Ferguson Library's Library-School initiative and launch of the library's "purple bus". The initiative transported students from Stamford schools on the library's bus to the main library branch for a…

Recording of interview with Susan DiMattia at the Ferguson Library in Stamford, Connecticut on March 21, 2017. Ms. DiMattia talks about moving to Stamford with her husband Ernie, a former President of the Ferguson Library, and raising her children in…

Pamphlet providing information on the Corinthian Bench public art that was installed outside the main branch of the Ferguson Library in Stamford, Connecticut on October 27, 1988. It was the third of four public art installations in Stamford that…

Video recording of the launch event for the inaugural Hispanic Week in Stamford, Connecticut. The event was hosted by Galdino Velasco and held at the auditorium of the main branch of The Ferguson Library on September 13, 1987. Israel Cortes was…

Herb and Louise Spirer at the Ferguson Library after their Tell Your Story Interview on February 14, 2017.

A view of the Reference Room at the Ferguson Library, located on the second floor.

A view of a man working in the Film Department processing films in the basement.

A photograph of children watching a film at a program.

A photograph of a young woman at the record collection at the Ferguson Library.
Ferguson Library on Broad Street. A photograph of the Children's room on the west side of building. The catalogue room in rear. Photograph taken circa 1918 to 1920.
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