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Children dressed in costumes on a stage during a pageant at the Tower School.

Margaret Metwally's son with his soccer teammates eating a picnic dinner.

Margaret Metwally (back row on the right) dressed as Raggedy Ann with children in Halloween costumes and holding balloons at the Union Trust Open House in Stamford, Connecticut.

Margaret Metwally holding hands with two children, likely her daughters, at Steps Dance School in Stamford, Connecticut i 1986.

Two photographs showing Dr. Joseph Carwin holding his son. In the top right image, he is feeding his son.

Handwritten note below the photographs reads: "Dr. Joseph L. Carwin & Son"

Portrait of Dr. Joyce Yerwood holding her infant son.

Handwritten note on the bottom reads:
"Dr, Joyce Carwin III & Son
Mother Dr. Joyce Yerwood Carwin"

Posed portrait photograph of Joyce Carwin as a girl in a formal dress.

Posed portrait photograph of Joyce Carwin as a little girl dressed in a formal dress.

Drs. Joseph Carwin and Joyce Yerwood posed for a photograph with their son and dog in a living room or parlor.

Gwen Ketchum and childhood friends play in a park. One of the girls sitting on a rocking horse.
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